My name is Alex,
I like learning about space and planets!

My favourite planet is Jupiter,
I like it because it is made out of gas.



  • Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun
  • Mars is made from rock
  • Mars has 2 moons phobos and deimos
  • Mars is home to the tallest mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons
  • Pieces of mars have fallen to Earth


  • Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun
  • It is the largest planet in the solar system
  • It is made out of gas
  • It has the shortest day of all the planets
  • The great red spot is a storm on Jupiter


  • Pluto is the 2nd closest dwarf planet to the Sun
  • Pluto is one third water
  • Pluto is named after the greek god of the  underworld
  • Pluto has 5 moons
  • The moon Charon was discoverd the same  year  my dad was born in 1978.

Answers to Seahorse Class questions…

Q. How long to Stars last?
A. Stars last around 10 billion years
Q. Do stars die and what do they turn into?
A. When stars run out of energy they turn into a neutron star or a black hole
Q. Do stars bump into each other?
A. Yes they do, it’s called a stellar collision

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